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How we help people find credible information

We highlight content from authoritative channels in search results to help people identify credible sources when searching for health topics.

Channel eligibility is based upon principles developed by an expert panel convened by the National Academy of Medicine for the U.S. and ratified for global application by experts convened by The World Health Organization. We also worked with the National Health Service (NHS) to develop an approach for the UK.

Video shelf
Video shelf that highlights content from credible sources in search results
Information panel
Information panel that provides context on health sources
Expanding ways for users to find answers to health questions
Expanding ways for users to find answers to health questions

We are working on ways to expand eligibility to our health features on YouTube to better connect users with health sources.
Please review the criteria.

How people find emotional support on YouTube

People are increasingly coming to YouTube in search of support and to share their stories as part of their own healing journey. Whether undergoing cancer treatment, coping with addiction, or navigating fertility issues, people are looking for inspiration, strategies, and tips to cope from people who have been through similar experiences. We’re developing tools and partnering with creators to make sure people continue to find emotional support on YouTube.

Emotionally supportive stories
Lived Experience Shelf
Emotionally supportive stories
Lived Experience Shelf
Connecting users with emotionally supportive stories

When people search for a specific physical or mental health condition, they may see a personal stories shelf in search results. These shelves connect users with content from creators who share their personal experience with certain medical issues.

Connecting people in crisis with live help

Crisis resource panel

Connecting people in crisis with live help

When people search for topics or watch videos about topics related to health crises or emotional distress, like suicide or self-harm, a crisis resource panel may appear alongside the video or search results. This panel lets people connect with live support 24/7 from recognized crisis resources and links to the resource’s website.

Tackling misinformation

Over the past several years, we’ve redoubled our efforts to live up to our responsibility while preserving the power of an open platform to provide access to critical health information and support around the world.

We have several health-related policies at YouTube, spanning from prohibiting the promotion of harmful remedies to medical misinformation about COVID-19 to vaccines. To develop our medical misinformation policies, we consult with local and international health organizations and experts. For example, our policy on misinformation about vaccine side effects is based on public vaccine resources provided by health authorities and backed by medical consensus.