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Certain categories of healthcare professionals and health information providers can apply for YouTube’s health product features. See if your channel is eligible and apply.

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We are working on ways to expand access to YouTube Health features to more types of trusted sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

By applying for these health features, your channel may be eligible to be identified as an authoritative health source on YouTube. Once approved, your videos will have an information panel containing context for users that the videos they are watching are from licensed healthcare professionals. Additionally, your videos will be eligible to show up in our "Health Sources” shelf at or near the top of search when users search for answers to questions about health topics.

Organizations, as well as individual licensed healthcare professionals, are eligible for these features. For organizations, a licensed healthcare professional must apply on behalf of the organization’s channel and attest that they oversee and review the channel's content to ensure it aligns with the information-sharing principles developed by external experts.

Being accepted means:

  • All of your videos will get a label that helps users understand you’re licensed (if you’re applying as an individual) or that your organization has a licensed healthcare professional. These labels provide additional context to users when they are watching videos from your channel

  • Videos that are on your channel and are relevant to a user’s health search will be eligible to appear on the ‘from health sources shelf’

You must apply separately for each channel that you would like to receive these features. You can submit your license information for more than one channel, assuming you oversee the content for each channel.

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Reach a global audience
Reach a global audience

YouTube has over 2 billion monthly logged-in users and every day people watch over a billion hours of video. Amplify your cause by bringing it to the largest viewing audience in the world.

Level access to health info
Level access to health info

Help people all over the world access trusted, authoritative information. Drive the change in leveling access to health information, scaling help beyond the traditional 1:1 relationship.

Engage new supporters
Engage new supporters

YouTube provides powerful tools and resources to raise awareness of your brand, allowing you to build your following and engage with new supporters.


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